Cloud Rosters is a Rostering tool that lets you create, edit and share rosters with your team. To get using Cloud Rosters you can start by creating a roster with the following steps.

How to Create a Roster

  • Go to Cloud Rosters, and choose "Create Roster"
  • Enter a name for your roster, eg the company name or team name.
  • Enter the start date of the roster
  • Enter an edit key, this shouldn't be a password and you can share it with managers to edit. Use something unique but rememberable like "PumpkinLatte".
  • If you would like to enter an email address, you will be sent the roster details in case you lose them. 
  • Tap Create

The roster will be created with days for a week from your start date and 5 example rows for your staff.

You can now start editing your roster and add your staff's shifts.